Enhance your eyebrows with Permanent Makeup!

September 13, 2017

“I look back at old photos and I used to have eyebrows”.   “I had no idea that my eyebrows would not grow back after tweezing?”

Its a cruel joke how us ladies have hair where we’d rather not on various parts of our body and for the parts of our body that we would appreciate hair…it just won’t grow.

For those of you that are young enough to have an abundance of brow hair, I am super jealous, um, I mean I am so happy for you but please, PLEASE respect those hairs!  Comb them, touch them, you might even want to talk to them, but don’t, please don’t yank too many out as they might never return.

For those of you that have now said “good-bye” to those precious hairs and are simply tired of drawing in your eyebrows every day; worried that you have accidentally scratched your eyebrows off during the day, there is a solution!  Permanent makeup!

Do you need just some hair strokes throughout your eyebrows? Do you need some soft shading? Maybe you need both?  There are so many ways in which your eyebrows can be enhanced through permanent make-up and I would be very pleased to answer any questions you may have!