Beauty Care

Common Questions about Semi-Permanent Makeup

  • Do my existing eyebrows need to be shaved off?

    NO! Please do not tweeze, thread, wax or modify your eyebrows in any way for as long as possible, and no sooner than one week before appointment. The beginning of your service includes a consultation, followed by shaping and choosing a perfect colour based on your natural brow colour and skin undertones. Your regular brow maintenance of tweezing, threading, waxing  may continue once your brows have healed.

  • How long will it last?

    The pigment will fade over time and an annual touch up is recommended to keep them looking their best.  There is NO GUARANTEE in how long it lasts as each individuals skin will respond differently.

    Frequency of touch ups will depend on a number of factors including:  skin type, pigment selection, sun exposure, chemical peels, etc.  Please note that final healed results can not be guaranteed as each unique skin type will hold pigments differently and break down at different rates.  I will re-evaluate how your skin has received the pigment at your touch up appointment and make any changes necessary.

  • What factors affect permanent makeup?

    Sun exposure:  The sun will slowly alter the colour of your tattoo so a sunscreen should always be used to keep your brows looking fantastic.

    Regeneration of skin cells:  The longer the regeneration takes, the longer the pigment holds.

    The choice of pigment colour:  Some colours may fade quicker than others, e.g. a blonde pigment may fade quicker than a dark brunette pigment.

    Bleeding during the procedure:  Any bleeding during the tattooing procedure will reduce the amount of pigment absorbed.   Caffeine, alcohol, and certain medications act as blood-thinners and should be avoided 48 hours prior to your appointment.

  • How many treatments are needed?

    At least two appointments are needed initially.  The first full session and perfecting session at 5-6 weeks.  At the perfecting session I will assess the colour retention and make adjustments as necessary.  Everyone heals differently and at different rates.  If your cosmetic tattoo does not heal perfectly the first time, do not worry!  We can always go bolder and add more density at your next appointment.

  • ​What should I do before my eyebrow procedure?

    If you have an ideal shape and colour in mind, please bring a couple of reference photos with you.  You may fill in your eyebrows as you normally would so I can take into consideration the shape you feel most comfortable with.

    Your brows will look very intense for a few days after your appointment, then as the healing continues for the next five days or so they will lightly peel.  So please plan your brow appointment at least 10 days before any special event.

  • What should I know about long term care?

    The colour will lighten over time.  An annual touch up is recommended.  If you are planning to have laser treatments, tell your laser specialist to avoid the pigmented area as the laser will cause the pigment to turn colour.

  • Will hair stroke permanent makeup work for me?

    If you have extremely oily skin and or large pores, the hair stroke technique will not work well for you.  The constant production of oil will cause the hair strokes to heal looking very blurred.

Before Care

Before making an appointment please read the following and feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

Unfortunately not everyone is a candidate for permanent makeup. I am unable to work on clients with the following:
  • Pregnant, nursing, or trying to get pregnant
  • Heart Conditions/Pace Maker/Defibrillator
If you are on any of these medications, you will bleed and the pigment will not retain:
  • Triflusal (Disgren)
  • Clopidogrel (Plavix)
  • Prasugrel (Effient)
  • Ticagrelor (Brilinta)
  • Ticlopidine (Ticlid)
  • Cilostazol (Pletal)
  • Vorapaxar (Zontivity)
  • Dipyridamole (Persantine)
  • Coumadin
  • Pradaxia (Dibigatran)
  • Xarelto (Rivaraxaben)
  • Eliquis (Apixaban)
  • Savaysa (edoxaban)
You may not be a candidate if you you have ever had these conditions:
  • Shingles – If you’ve ever had shingles on your face the procedure could cause a flare up
  • Eczema or Psoriasis in the brow
  • Hemophilia
  • Platelet Disorders
  • Auto Immune Disorder (MS, RA, Lupus or the like) Due to the medicines to treat these conditions, pigment will not retain.
  • No Botox 2 months prior
  • No Ibuprofin, Asprin, Niacin, Vitamin E 24 to 48 hours prior
  • No Retinols, Retin’A’s or any anti-aging creams containing acids in the brow area 30 days prior
  • No ACCUTANE within the last year
  • No FISH OIL 2 weeks prior
  • No exercise the day of appointment
  • No sunburned skin  (Pigments implanted in TAN skin WILL heal darker, and appear ashy.
  • Do not tweeze, wax or thread for 7 days prior
  • No chemical peels or lasers 60 days prior

After Care

  • Detailed instructions will be given to you and discussed at your first procedure
  • No exercise for 10 days (Eyebrows will fade very fast due to the production of salt/sweat
  • You must apply sunscreen to eyebrows when out in the sun (sun exposure will fade your eyebrows faster and will slowly turn color)
  • No swimming in saltwater or chlorine for approx 14 days after procedure